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About Gurilla Rollers

Created by professionals dedicated to manufacturing top of the line American made, muscle therapy rollers and muscle sticks.  Our mission is to empower athletes through the development of elite athletic performance products.

Every Gurilla Roller is hand-made in the United States.  It took us almost 2 years to work out all the kinks, but after extensive field testing with elite athletes, we developed a one of a kind manufacturing process ensuring every Gurilla Roller maintains the highest standards of quality. 

Furthermore, using high quality ABS Plastic and mold resistant polypropylene or paracord rope, Gurilla Rollers are not only created for elite athletes and weekend warriors alike but also designed to withstand the test of time. Most rollers are made of foam or plastics that break down over time.  Gurilla Rollers have been known to last for years. 

By using polypropylene rope, Gurilla Rollers work your muscles and soft tissue at a higher density than other rollers on the market.  The rope allows for Gurilla Rollers to easily grip the myofascial tissue (without sticking to your skin or pulling hairs), which facilitates increased blood flow, increased range of motion and most importantly, quicker recovery times!

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