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12" Ground Roller

12" Gurilla Ground Roller
  • Texture

    Our patent pending rope technology grips the tissues better than any foam.

  • Aesthetic

    Gurilla rollers are both effective and good looking. Never again be afraid to leave your roller in the middle of a room.

  • Durability

    Better materials and meticulous attention to detail combine for a roller that will last through years of constant use.

  • Travel

    The Gurilla Carabiner clips on to any bag and allows you to bring your roller anywhere in the world.

Field Ready

From warm up to cool down, Gurilla has you covered.

Always Fit

Before, after, and in between sets. We know what you need.

Prepared for Combat

Even the smallest issues can affect performance.  Address every single one.


Personally, I've tried every foam roller on the market and I think what [Gurilla] have created are by far the best.  I also love the back story and the reason they created this product.  I'm all about getting behind products that people create to make lives better and solve a problem.

Perfect roller to take everywhere, I even take it when I teach my Judo seminar tours. Awesome company with amazing products, highly recommended.

The Gurilla is completely handmade and the craftsmanship/attention to detail, show just that. As a roller it has a deeper effect and does a nice job with overall muscle therapy and recovery.

We are Gurilla


Our patent pending designs were developed to help elite athletes keep their bodies at peak performance over extended periods of time.

Magic Touch

The full line of Gurilla products are meant to manage every part of an athlete's body.